The New Civil Rights Movement: So You Want to Start A Political Campaign…

If we are going to succeed with the New Civil Rights Movement, and have the power of change, we must have a decentralize army of political actors, working in their own communities, to rally support for the cause, fighting to end the Public Health Tyranny.

This article is an outline for that.

Time to get active folks!

So you called your legislator and they were busy, or they took your call and “heard your concern”, but you want to do more to stop the Public Health Tyranny.


The next step is a full fledged political campaign.

Now, what is a political campaign?

This is a strategy to achieve a political goal.

General rules for political campaigns.

1) People are power.

2) Narrow focused campaigns are always the most effective.

3) I single level headed political actor is HIGHLY effective at the local level.

So, if you want to start a political campaign that will be effective, you need to be motivated, have a narrowly focused goal, and, this is the most important part, people.

First start with your goal.

Given we are fighting a Public Health Tyranny trying to implement apartheid, lets go with banning vaccine passports in you local county and/or your local municipality. Pick one of those governing bodies to influence (remember, narrow focus) and now start assembling like minded people in your community.

Politics is a peoples game.

The more people, the more power.

Yet how do you translate to individuals in positions of power, that you have the people on your side?

Well, you do what the Founders did and show them signatures of the people on your side.

Signatures is what you need. Signatures from registered voters, who can vote in the governing bodies elections you seek to influence. These signatures must contain the printed name of the individual, the date of signing, and the signature itself (be sure to ask for emails, though often people are reluctant to give this information out, don’t be pushy). All of that under a letter head that clearly defines the demands of the signatories.

Something like:

We of the community of so and so, hereby demand the outlawing of all vaccine passport systems to be used by any business operating within the jurisdiction of the community.

It really is something that simple.

Now you need like minded people in the community to sign. This is where the leg work of politics comes into play. You need to find these people in your own community. You may have some friends who you have talked to about politics who would gladly help. Talk to them. Give them a copy of the signature sheet and begin to knock on doors. Post on social media about it. You maybe able to find signatures or volunteers that was as well, but social media is NO replacement for door knocking.

Door knocking is the grease of any successful political campaign. Always has, always will be. Don’t ever forget that. This is the single most important thing you must do to be successful.

Knock on doors.

Set up a table in the local park with a sign.

You need to have face to face interaction with members of your community. This is what will get you the most amount of signatures. This will get you more people willing to call your local leaders, and make their voices heard. This will also get you more volunteers to collect more signatures.

Before you start knocking, you need to have a speil.

A concise statement on who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it. It must be specifically tailored to your community in terms of vernacular, and it must give a sense of urgency. This must be short, narrow in scope, and relatively uniform among the people gathering the signatures. Use the letter head of the signature sheet as a guide, and work from there. Know that each community is different in our great country. A spiel that will work in Manhattan, will not work in Clark County, Georgia, nor will either of those work in San Miguel County, Colorado. You know what will be most effective in your community. Trust yourself in that.

Be sure to practice the spiel too. Even in the mirror. Get comfortable with it. Be confident in it. People will be more receptive to you if you are comfortable and confident.

Remember, no one likes the ranting mad man. Honey is more effective than vinegar.

Be kind.

Be level headed.

Have purpose.

Be proud of what you are doing.

And most importantly, know not everyone will agree with you. Not everyone will want to sign. That’s okay. That is part of running a political campaign and being effective. You must be able to take rejection with grace. The more grace you take it with, the more likely the individual may actually change their mind. You never know. Just be level headed and graceful, and you will watch the doors open all around you.

Once you have collected as many signatures you can, go back to those legislators and those elected officials you called, and place the signature sheet in front of them. Let them know just how many people in your community support outlawing the use of vaccine passports.

That’s how you effect change in politics. You remind the elected officials just who truly has the political power, and that is the people.